Saturday 5 January 2013

A monologue (with) 2013

Ok, 2013 what's in your bag? I am soooo happy you're here, I am sooo happy! Thank you thank you thank you! You are an amazing Year already! No offence 2012 I love you too. In fact if it wasn't for You 2013 couldn't even get here :) And what an arrival that was. The '13's bag is just overflowing with goodies! I am sure I see balance sticking out, I'm getting the taste already, and litres and litres and litres of Love... mmmmm de-li-cious!!! I can see even more, '13 but I let you keep the surprises... The scent of Joy is already dusted around me sparkling like stars... Fun, appreciation, gratitude, happiness, excitement, abundance, peace, growth, clarity, freedom I see you all... I feel you all...  Ahh... it's so relaxing.. I am relaxed and eager for more! Loving the mix '13... Let it flow...

One of my greatest inspirations:

I wish that 2013 has a huge bag overflowing with wonderful surprises, events, feelings, moments in all ways and always for every one of us! 

Love of all Universes,


I thought I'd never write a blog... a book, a journal, a note yes, but not a blog. Yet here I am :)

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