Monday 26 March 2018


In my dream….

There were lots of people of various nationalities, and everyone was afraid of one man - a well-built individual with fair hair and lightly-coloured eyes was spreading fear in each person’s mind. I could see that all were afraid of him, and some were even physically kicked or punched by him. The fear-seeding man then came up to me, and in that moment I realised he was FEAR himself, fear personified!

In contrast to other people in the place I was not afraid. I was waiting for him to change into a terrifying monster, so that I would start feeling fearful like the others, but the man remained in his form. He looked at me and we both knew that from this point onward I wouldn’t feel the fear in the same way. He announced that from this moment he would work with me, so that I would stop feeling fear in my life all together…

Signs and messages are EVERYWHERE

Two days later I was on a long-haul flight from Japan remembering this dream and I was thinking about its significance and changes since. “Am I really working towards releasing fear and worry from my life all together?” I asked myself; and got the answer almost straight away! In a magazine that I was looking through at the time was a whole-page image and this word was simply jumping out at me!

Fearless... and Bourne.... it was about the Bourne movies, but to me the message was "Fearless is born"!

Writing this not even a week after I first had the dream I must say that it’s not that I don’t feel any fear, or have no muscle tension or have moments of fleeting worry. I feel the difference energetically though, and I feel that my world, and my whole physical body (and the emotional and mental bodies) are adjusting to the energetic shifts having taken place in my dream time (*and as I was writing this I looked up and a beautiful rainbow appeared up in the sky, which means that it is indeed so and that I have the blessings to go on!).

The Lovely rainbow as I saw it from the train I was on while writing this post.

Fear is lack of love, lack of clear feeling.

​I am not sure how long it will take for me to feel completely fearless, but I know that is already a reality for me, a tangible one that I’m catching up to.
Have you ever heard the acronym for FEAR by the way? Some very wise person once said FEAR simply stands for False Expectations Appearing Real! How amazing is it to realise that all things that we fear are simply trains of thought that when discarded will simply not bother you and they will not come true!  
How many of your feared situations have actually come to be, how many of the feared self-predictions have you ever seen happen in your life? Chances are very little to none of them!!

Has worrying ever changed or helped you in changing a situation? Paraphrasing Einstein you can never find a solution focusing on the problem! Worrying is exactly that - focusing on the problem, and the energy of the problem, instead of possibilities and solutions. Change your focus from fear and worry to finding a solution. Become a possibility-oriented person, a there-is-always-a-way person. Marie Forleo – a successful entrepreneur says “everything is figuroutable”. Hasn’t it been the case in your life? You’re still alive and reading this, right? 😊

Face your fears and see them for what they are – simply not true, as in not true to what is in your Soul, and what energy your Soul represents. Fear and worrying comes from not seeing the Truth of your situation, the light of your Soul, the True meaning and reasons for situations and happenings in your life.

When you find yourself worrying....

Ask yourself this:

“How are you seeing this my Soul?”

“What would Love do?”

And if all this “explaining to yourself” doesn’t help, just feel the fear and do it anyway. What’s the worst that can happen, or maybe what’s the best that can happen?

Here is to your True Self.

With all my Love,
Aga et al.

Sunday 2 November 2014

"We are aware of each and every one of you reaching upwards"

"We can come through you only when we set up frequencies that can match yours and thus open the doorway. We only see and hear you when we adjust our frequencies in a way that makes your universe visible to us. When you reach upward, asking for a guide, you change your energy and become visible to us. Your intent to go higher is very visible in our universe, and we are aware of you as you reach upward. Even when you become visible, we usually do not see you as you see each other. We perceive you as moving energy patterns, colors and harmonies. We perceive your world as moving harmonics of energy and life-force. When you request a connection to us, we begin to set up matching frequencies in our dimensions to make it possible."

Excerpt from "Opening to chanel" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

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Monday 20 October 2014

Leaving umbrella's safety

We were somewhere in an unknown place, with my family (3 plus me) and one more person. We were hiding, crouching, and one of us was holding a huge umbrella.

We all knew they were landing, we wanted to hide under the protective umbrella, as if it could make us invisible. It was obvious we could be clearly seen.  They landed, accompanied by bright lights beings started stepping out of the ship. All we could do is imagine what was going on as we could only see some of the light seeping through the space between the umbrella and the ground.

All five of us were in fear, but in one spur of a moment my feelings completely changed. I have suddenly felt this unexplained powerful urge to leave the umbrella’s safety and run to them. “I don’t know why, I have to go. There is nothing to fear!” I shouted, and left from under the umbrella.

I faced a huge grey open space, and what I saw was a line of various people and beings just walking up and down with certain distances from each other, as if walking on an invisible road. Some looked at me when passing by me, but most didn't. I remember a man with very dark hair (almost Ken-like looking), and a woman, casually dressed. Walking before her in line was a thin grey being with huge dark eyes and small face features. The Beings’ posture was fragile, with slightly rounded shoulders. I followed my impulse and in a sudden outburst of emotions I hugged the grey passer-by, and it felt like the Being was familiar, though they themselves were very surprised at my unexpected act. It wasn't unwelcome.

What happened in between this moment and the next I am really not sure of, I might've forgotten.

The next thing that I can remember and clearly see in my mind is a grey Being doing what I thought was energy scanning on my torso. There might've been more Beings I feel. As the moment of that scanning became one of the most tangible sensations I ever had in a dream I surrendered to it completely at first.

Do you know when a dream feels so real that you just can’t deny it was a dream? When you can touch or taste or feel something so powerfully that you are sure it happened in the physical reality as well? This is how that moment was. It was as if I was in between the dreaming and waking state.

All I could feel was the biggest surge of energy coming through that Being’s hand… My whole stomach and the solar plexus area was experiencing such a heat that it felt on fire, and my muscles experienced the most amazing relaxation state. Following that I remember hearing and seeing myself being upgraded. I heard something about my eyes and my ears being upgraded - a scene somewhat from a science fiction movie with a mysterious voice reporting the progress of the updates’ completion stages. My whole body was raised in the air and all of it was being upgraded. I could observe that from outside of my body but at the same time I knew it was happening to me.

Thoughts of fear and insecurity have suddenly entered my mind. What if all this is harmful, and that I'm being implanted chips of some sorts? I thought “this is just my ego... but what if it’s not”. I asked my Guides and Angels to later help me remove any implants if this process is not for my Highest Good. It’s as if I wanted to be upgraded but had the nagging fear jumping around in my mind at the same time… I hope the process was good, and that it was completed, as I don’t remember anything else.

I woke up with a shock of the dream fresh in my mind, and most relaxed muscles in my stomach and solar plexus area!  Thinking about the dream, the Beings did “feel” good, there was nothing threatening about them. The “what ifs” were more my mind’s fear than anything else I feel.

It was interesting for me that the day before the dream I felt quite tense, in my body, especially around the stomach area. Stuff was possibly coming out to be cleared.

No matter what, I express my gratitude for this experience. Paraphrasing Amma the Hugging Saint we should be grateful for every experience we have in our blessed life.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.<3 

Friday 17 October 2014

Home Sweet Home - How to feel good at home! :) (space clearing, going within, etc.)

Home can be looked at in my different ways. Home is where we feel good, get energised, rested, relaxed. It is our Oasis – and this refers to a physical, mental, spiritual Home.

  • Physical home
* Keep clean – clean house = clear energies, Spirit Guides love it, better communication with the Spirit in all forms when clean environment. Loving energies magnetised to clean, beautiful, loving homes.

* Keep plants – they attract fairies and all the Nature Spirits, who Love being around homes with beautiful gardens and well-cared for plants.

* Clear the space with sage – going around every room, set a clearing Intention and then ask that the space is filled with all the Goodness possible

* Symbols, figures, crystals, messages – spread them around your home – whatever makes you feel good, uplifts you, makes you smile – it’s your home! Make it yours!

* Play nice, good vibe music – your home soaks up everything that you do, read, etc. so choose wisely! 

* Get rid of clutter – Question to ask “Do I really love it?” – furniture, clothes, little things. Sometimes we’re used to things just being there or lying around. Give them to someone else if you don’t really love them. Pass them on to others, give them away to charity – they have served you well and if their role in your life is finished let them serve someone else now.

  • Mother Earth is our home – take care of Her. She holds us on her, in her arms – and that is her choice (Earth forces – how powerful!). The Lightworkers came here to assist Mother Earth raise in vibration, raise to higher vibrations (=Ascension). Treat Her with Love and respect. Assist Mother Earth in all ways. Help trees, plants, animals, waters, send healing regularly in your meditations/quiet times. Love Nature, send Love every time you walk in Nature, or even when you pass a tree in a city or a patch of grass. Send Love to Nature Spirits – they take care of each and every bit of natural environments. Ask permission to trees (Great Beings) and grass before stepping on it. See yourself being a walking healing entity –wherever you are you bring Love and healing energy – land, water, animals. Develop bonds with all Living things – they are a part of you. All things are in essence You. Treat everything as you would treat yourself in the kindest of moments. 

  • Other Planets & Stars are our homes – multiple expressions of Self (Higher Selves) exist on many many other planets at the same time. They are all expressions of one Soul – Your Soul. And Your Soul is further connected to All of Creation. You basically are Creation itself and Creation is You. So you are part of a whole, and all is part of You. Gaze at the Stars at night, and send them your Love – they are your many homes, and they are also expressions of you.

  • People make home – family, friends – if you feel good with them you feel at home! Appreciate your dear and loved ones – they make Life full of Fun, full of Love. Express your Love for them to them.

  • Home within – return home. Ascension, awakening – often heard “return home” (also often repeated in the Bible and other Scriptures). Home is within, and ways to reach home is to be in the Heart (and how often do we hear "home is where the heart is"?), breath, be in silence, be in Love, Joy, Grace, Gratitude, Acceptance. Do what brings you most Joy – you feel alive, you feel so good – just how you feel in a good home. You are your home and home is where your Heart is…

Happy Journeys Dear Light Beings! Enjoy your Home(s) in many ways! <3

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Sunday 27 July 2014

What is the greatest gift of Lightworkers to Humanity?

Channelled message.

Question: What is the greatest gift of Lightworkers to Humanity?

The greatest gift of Lightworkers to Humanity is to be Love, growth, glorification of our reality, creating Life on Earth never seen before, creating Life on Earth to be experienced in Joy, Love, Grace. Creating our reality is not the only gift of Lightworkers. It's calling others to step into their Light, into their power of One Unity Consciousness, glowing the Light of thousand Suns. 

Clearing the way is yet another gift, gloriously showing the way to others, crossing many paths and bridges, clarifying ideas, just glowing their way into infinity. Glowing, listening to their Hearts, their Minds, glowing Minds. For Grace comes not only from the Heart but from the Mind as well. Clarification of that is needed. Glory is to be held upon those who can make the two work together, in Light, in Love, in Grace and Glow. [singing] Clear the way...  Create your reality the way you want it. Crystalise your ideas, your Mind will follow, your Heart will lead the way.

Constant growth is all there is in creating the reality of your dreams. Create the way you want it to be. Crystalise your Mind, clear ideas will just flow, clear ideas are just in flow. Collaborate with each other dear Lightworkers. For that's creating your reality and the reality of others. It's like showing the way to eternal Love and Growth. Clear your Mind, clear your Heart and listen to both. For this is how you create your reality, and show how to do it to others. This is your task. This is your gift. This is your Love that you give to the World. And spread it to every corner of the Universe, of your galaxy, of gazillions of star systems. Just glow and be You, glow and be You. 

Clearly and always yours, Solomon.

Monday 9 June 2014

Inner senses

Reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” (by Paramahansa Yogananda) has been changing me with every page my eyes take in as text, and every energy unit contained within this book.

Here is a quote from the book I’d like to share with you all in this moment:
“The blind man pierced the pearl; the fingerless put a thread through it; the neckless wore it; and the tongueless praised it.”

Explained by the author: “The omnipresent powers of a yogi, whereby he sees, tastes, smells, touches, and hears without the use of outward sensory organs…”

From the footnote p. 114 “Autobiography of a Yogi” (original quote from Taittiriya Aranyaka)

Paramahansa Yogananda
A Premavatar "Incarnation of Love"

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Crystal necklace

And so it goes...

Going deeper and deeper, yes, though this time instead of going down I'm going up, higher and higher, I feel my wings, pure white wings spread as I ascend. I'm there for a while... discussing with my mind whether I should follow the usual path of going down or stay up. Surrender... Heart and Intuition win. I stay up, surrendered in the flow. Suddenly I physically abruptly bend my body in half, and lay my head on my knees while sitting on a chair. I feel a lot going on. Physically bending I feel tall, non-human-like tall. I stay there for a while asking for all kinds of upgrades, activations, alignments, updates... All allowed, whatever needs done. I feel it is time to go up again and so I sit upright straight away, with my head bent backwards, facing up. I feel the wings again, and this time the Teacher's words come to mind "Spread your Light", so I decide to spread it within the room, I feel I am out of my physical body and spreading sprinkles of Light, walking on the inner part of the circle, flowing energies to everyone whom I pass. "But... my physical body..." I get suddenly worried. "Surrender". Steps to surrender as learned the previous night: 
1. I know nothing 
              2. Thy will be done 
                            3. I create everything in my experience...
The first 2 especially important here. Done, no longer worried, let go, and continue spreading the Light. Merging back with the physical body I take 3 deep breaths through the Heart and blow the purified energies from the Heart across the room. I ask my energies to be purified, in case there's anything "mind-like" going out. "Unicorn help", ask and it is given... Things done in the room for now. 

I shoot up, super speed, up and up, my wings are there again. Svadhistana and Manipura areas tighten again. "It's ok, surrender, let it go. Thy will be done" I repeat to myself. I let go again. I go through a portal of sorts. Travelling at the super velocity I reach a familiar place. I've seen it, I've visited it, I've lived there. It was/is my home. One of them at least. [Time does not happen as we know it, so it might as well be my home now. Never too many homes I have always felt].
I reach the planet, with bright stone paths and lush green hanging gardens dotted with fountains of fresh water, and aqueduct-like on-ground water-bearing structures. The place is empty though. No "living/walking" Beings. I feel myself becoming a Unicorn. My mind resists for a while "no I can't be... an Angel now... never seen yourself a Unicorn before, so probably you're making this up". It's all imagination. This is how we communicate with the World. I feel strong, I look at myself and see muscular chest, pure white, with front hoofed legs just beneath it. I surrender again. My role is to bring Life to this place again, to renew it alike Spring coming to a frozen, sleepy land. I run a circle with my newly-acquired Unicorn body, activating the place with sparkly magical energies coming out of my Unicorn horn. The physical centre of my head is on fire!! Throbbing and tingling - yeehaa! Closing the circle I hear and see Children.. All happy, coming to me, and there are more and more. I hear them laughing and playing. The place is suddenly filled with children, only children, no adults. Joy and excitement are the atmosphere. I stay with the children for a while. Just BE-ing, just enjoying their company, just like they enjoy mine. I smile just as a Unicorn would :] My Heart is so full that it's flooding my eyes with physical tears. My work here is done now. It's time to leave.

I again go up, jump up, maybe a Unicorn land this time? No, Orion comes into my awareness. Orion? No, I want a Unicorn land. "Let go and surrender". Ok, fine. Orion let it be. I feel myself changing shape again, I instantly become a baby, rounded up as if in a womb. I have birthed onto Orion. The planet is divided, dark and light. I am born on the side of the light, I see myself existing very close to the light/dark border though. I know that I am to shine my Light, lead the way for others and at the same time allow the dark integration. I feel like a Christ, I allow the dark to seemingly flood the light side of the planet, and so myself as well. Acceptance and allowance is the key. The Light shines through and I see myself a Christ-like Being standing in the middle of the planet, bigger than the planet itself, spreading my arms across both sides that are now fused with each other. Dark is transmuted, accepted. Dark is Light and Light is Dark. Balance is being created. I see the transmutation process still occurring. Should I not let one transmute into another? Should there not be a bit of "bad" and a bit of "good"? An answer comes... "Yes" I am thinking to myself, "I am aware and accepting the dark, but since I am able to choose my focus I hereby bring my attention to the Light." [3rd step to surrender "I am the creator". It might be I chose other points of focus in other times/lives/planes. All that matters is what I choose in this moment, what I experience in this NOW]. It is time to go. The work will continue without my conscious physical awareness of it. [Energy ROCKS!!].

I fly down Superman style. "Any words, thoughts, ideas?" I hear the Teacher's soft quiet voice. Yes, I feel familiar energies blending with mine, coming closer. Ok, I'm ready to speak if asked. No, no speaking. Ok, that is fine. I'm getting a short message anyway. "Create according to your dreams and desires". I take it desires of the Heart, of the Higher Self, the Soul... Dreams and Desires that make your Heart sing...

Energies run along the right side of my face, as if gently trickling down from the top, especially close to my temples. Could be energies of the [physical] Being to the right?

Takes me a while to open my eyes. Looks like I was wearing a necklace (energetic one). I would like to get a crystal necklace. I'll know the one when it comes into my World.

[Heartfelt Gratitude and Love for this experience to all Energies involved, physical and non-physical].

I encourage you to comment and/or share your own meditation experiences! One can get wonderful AHA moments sharing their experiences with others. Let's accelerate together! :)