Monday 26 March 2018


In my dream….

There were lots of people of various nationalities, and everyone was afraid of one man - a well-built individual with fair hair and lightly-coloured eyes was spreading fear in each person’s mind. I could see that all were afraid of him, and some were even physically kicked or punched by him. The fear-seeding man then came up to me, and in that moment I realised he was FEAR himself, fear personified!

In contrast to other people in the place I was not afraid. I was waiting for him to change into a terrifying monster, so that I would start feeling fearful like the others, but the man remained in his form. He looked at me and we both knew that from this point onward I wouldn’t feel the fear in the same way. He announced that from this moment he would work with me, so that I would stop feeling fear in my life all together…

Signs and messages are EVERYWHERE

Two days later I was on a long-haul flight from Japan remembering this dream and I was thinking about its significance and changes since. “Am I really working towards releasing fear and worry from my life all together?” I asked myself; and got the answer almost straight away! In a magazine that I was looking through at the time was a whole-page image and this word was simply jumping out at me!

Fearless... and Bourne.... it was about the Bourne movies, but to me the message was "Fearless is born"!

Writing this not even a week after I first had the dream I must say that it’s not that I don’t feel any fear, or have no muscle tension or have moments of fleeting worry. I feel the difference energetically though, and I feel that my world, and my whole physical body (and the emotional and mental bodies) are adjusting to the energetic shifts having taken place in my dream time (*and as I was writing this I looked up and a beautiful rainbow appeared up in the sky, which means that it is indeed so and that I have the blessings to go on!).

The Lovely rainbow as I saw it from the train I was on while writing this post.

Fear is lack of love, lack of clear feeling.

​I am not sure how long it will take for me to feel completely fearless, but I know that is already a reality for me, a tangible one that I’m catching up to.
Have you ever heard the acronym for FEAR by the way? Some very wise person once said FEAR simply stands for False Expectations Appearing Real! How amazing is it to realise that all things that we fear are simply trains of thought that when discarded will simply not bother you and they will not come true!  
How many of your feared situations have actually come to be, how many of the feared self-predictions have you ever seen happen in your life? Chances are very little to none of them!!

Has worrying ever changed or helped you in changing a situation? Paraphrasing Einstein you can never find a solution focusing on the problem! Worrying is exactly that - focusing on the problem, and the energy of the problem, instead of possibilities and solutions. Change your focus from fear and worry to finding a solution. Become a possibility-oriented person, a there-is-always-a-way person. Marie Forleo – a successful entrepreneur says “everything is figuroutable”. Hasn’t it been the case in your life? You’re still alive and reading this, right? 😊

Face your fears and see them for what they are – simply not true, as in not true to what is in your Soul, and what energy your Soul represents. Fear and worrying comes from not seeing the Truth of your situation, the light of your Soul, the True meaning and reasons for situations and happenings in your life.

When you find yourself worrying....

Ask yourself this:

“How are you seeing this my Soul?”

“What would Love do?”

And if all this “explaining to yourself” doesn’t help, just feel the fear and do it anyway. What’s the worst that can happen, or maybe what’s the best that can happen?

Here is to your True Self.

With all my Love,
Aga et al.

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