Thursday 12 December 2013

Dance for Joy!

Here I am again! A very nice recent comment on my blog (thanks @GeorgeWilliamson) has sped up another post (yeeeey!). 

And so it is today that I feel...

Innnnspiraaaaaatioooooonnn (read just like in the song "Ceeeeelebraaaatiooooonnn")
It's so amazing to feel inspired! I feel it now! I listened to this one song, and I couldn't stay still, it got me in its musical grip!! I was moving to the first few notes, and couldn't manage sitting anymore! Got up and danced! And danced freeeeee! Danced like I didn't remember what dancing was, like I didn't know it by definition, just letting my body move at its own will, flowing with the rivers of musical notes... It felt amazing! And so it was then that I got this idea - for an inspired video, celebrating music, dancing, Joy in Life! (have a look below :))

Dance People Dance! You've got your Life Now! What are you waiting for? There is only Now! Have fun Now and the Fun will continue and expand to every moment in your Life... Do what you Love! Shake the ground! Your rhythm will synchronise with your Heart beat, it will be felt, your surrendered flow will make your blood flow easily, in the beats of the Music of your Soul's desires.

EnJoy Yourself!! And do it in the NOW!

Love of the Spheres,

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