Sunday 27 July 2014

What is the greatest gift of Lightworkers to Humanity?

Channelled message.

Question: What is the greatest gift of Lightworkers to Humanity?

The greatest gift of Lightworkers to Humanity is to be Love, growth, glorification of our reality, creating Life on Earth never seen before, creating Life on Earth to be experienced in Joy, Love, Grace. Creating our reality is not the only gift of Lightworkers. It's calling others to step into their Light, into their power of One Unity Consciousness, glowing the Light of thousand Suns. 

Clearing the way is yet another gift, gloriously showing the way to others, crossing many paths and bridges, clarifying ideas, just glowing their way into infinity. Glowing, listening to their Hearts, their Minds, glowing Minds. For Grace comes not only from the Heart but from the Mind as well. Clarification of that is needed. Glory is to be held upon those who can make the two work together, in Light, in Love, in Grace and Glow. [singing] Clear the way...  Create your reality the way you want it. Crystalise your ideas, your Mind will follow, your Heart will lead the way.

Constant growth is all there is in creating the reality of your dreams. Create the way you want it to be. Crystalise your Mind, clear ideas will just flow, clear ideas are just in flow. Collaborate with each other dear Lightworkers. For that's creating your reality and the reality of others. It's like showing the way to eternal Love and Growth. Clear your Mind, clear your Heart and listen to both. For this is how you create your reality, and show how to do it to others. This is your task. This is your gift. This is your Love that you give to the World. And spread it to every corner of the Universe, of your galaxy, of gazillions of star systems. Just glow and be You, glow and be You. 

Clearly and always yours, Solomon.

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