Friday 17 October 2014

Home Sweet Home - How to feel good at home! :) (space clearing, going within, etc.)

Home can be looked at in my different ways. Home is where we feel good, get energised, rested, relaxed. It is our Oasis – and this refers to a physical, mental, spiritual Home.

  • Physical home
* Keep clean – clean house = clear energies, Spirit Guides love it, better communication with the Spirit in all forms when clean environment. Loving energies magnetised to clean, beautiful, loving homes.

* Keep plants – they attract fairies and all the Nature Spirits, who Love being around homes with beautiful gardens and well-cared for plants.

* Clear the space with sage – going around every room, set a clearing Intention and then ask that the space is filled with all the Goodness possible

* Symbols, figures, crystals, messages – spread them around your home – whatever makes you feel good, uplifts you, makes you smile – it’s your home! Make it yours!

* Play nice, good vibe music – your home soaks up everything that you do, read, etc. so choose wisely! 

* Get rid of clutter – Question to ask “Do I really love it?” – furniture, clothes, little things. Sometimes we’re used to things just being there or lying around. Give them to someone else if you don’t really love them. Pass them on to others, give them away to charity – they have served you well and if their role in your life is finished let them serve someone else now.

  • Mother Earth is our home – take care of Her. She holds us on her, in her arms – and that is her choice (Earth forces – how powerful!). The Lightworkers came here to assist Mother Earth raise in vibration, raise to higher vibrations (=Ascension). Treat Her with Love and respect. Assist Mother Earth in all ways. Help trees, plants, animals, waters, send healing regularly in your meditations/quiet times. Love Nature, send Love every time you walk in Nature, or even when you pass a tree in a city or a patch of grass. Send Love to Nature Spirits – they take care of each and every bit of natural environments. Ask permission to trees (Great Beings) and grass before stepping on it. See yourself being a walking healing entity –wherever you are you bring Love and healing energy – land, water, animals. Develop bonds with all Living things – they are a part of you. All things are in essence You. Treat everything as you would treat yourself in the kindest of moments. 

  • Other Planets & Stars are our homes – multiple expressions of Self (Higher Selves) exist on many many other planets at the same time. They are all expressions of one Soul – Your Soul. And Your Soul is further connected to All of Creation. You basically are Creation itself and Creation is You. So you are part of a whole, and all is part of You. Gaze at the Stars at night, and send them your Love – they are your many homes, and they are also expressions of you.

  • People make home – family, friends – if you feel good with them you feel at home! Appreciate your dear and loved ones – they make Life full of Fun, full of Love. Express your Love for them to them.

  • Home within – return home. Ascension, awakening – often heard “return home” (also often repeated in the Bible and other Scriptures). Home is within, and ways to reach home is to be in the Heart (and how often do we hear "home is where the heart is"?), breath, be in silence, be in Love, Joy, Grace, Gratitude, Acceptance. Do what brings you most Joy – you feel alive, you feel so good – just how you feel in a good home. You are your home and home is where your Heart is…

Happy Journeys Dear Light Beings! Enjoy your Home(s) in many ways! <3

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