Monday 20 October 2014

Leaving umbrella's safety

We were somewhere in an unknown place, with my family (3 plus me) and one more person. We were hiding, crouching, and one of us was holding a huge umbrella.

We all knew they were landing, we wanted to hide under the protective umbrella, as if it could make us invisible. It was obvious we could be clearly seen.  They landed, accompanied by bright lights beings started stepping out of the ship. All we could do is imagine what was going on as we could only see some of the light seeping through the space between the umbrella and the ground.

All five of us were in fear, but in one spur of a moment my feelings completely changed. I have suddenly felt this unexplained powerful urge to leave the umbrella’s safety and run to them. “I don’t know why, I have to go. There is nothing to fear!” I shouted, and left from under the umbrella.

I faced a huge grey open space, and what I saw was a line of various people and beings just walking up and down with certain distances from each other, as if walking on an invisible road. Some looked at me when passing by me, but most didn't. I remember a man with very dark hair (almost Ken-like looking), and a woman, casually dressed. Walking before her in line was a thin grey being with huge dark eyes and small face features. The Beings’ posture was fragile, with slightly rounded shoulders. I followed my impulse and in a sudden outburst of emotions I hugged the grey passer-by, and it felt like the Being was familiar, though they themselves were very surprised at my unexpected act. It wasn't unwelcome.

What happened in between this moment and the next I am really not sure of, I might've forgotten.

The next thing that I can remember and clearly see in my mind is a grey Being doing what I thought was energy scanning on my torso. There might've been more Beings I feel. As the moment of that scanning became one of the most tangible sensations I ever had in a dream I surrendered to it completely at first.

Do you know when a dream feels so real that you just can’t deny it was a dream? When you can touch or taste or feel something so powerfully that you are sure it happened in the physical reality as well? This is how that moment was. It was as if I was in between the dreaming and waking state.

All I could feel was the biggest surge of energy coming through that Being’s hand… My whole stomach and the solar plexus area was experiencing such a heat that it felt on fire, and my muscles experienced the most amazing relaxation state. Following that I remember hearing and seeing myself being upgraded. I heard something about my eyes and my ears being upgraded - a scene somewhat from a science fiction movie with a mysterious voice reporting the progress of the updates’ completion stages. My whole body was raised in the air and all of it was being upgraded. I could observe that from outside of my body but at the same time I knew it was happening to me.

Thoughts of fear and insecurity have suddenly entered my mind. What if all this is harmful, and that I'm being implanted chips of some sorts? I thought “this is just my ego... but what if it’s not”. I asked my Guides and Angels to later help me remove any implants if this process is not for my Highest Good. It’s as if I wanted to be upgraded but had the nagging fear jumping around in my mind at the same time… I hope the process was good, and that it was completed, as I don’t remember anything else.

I woke up with a shock of the dream fresh in my mind, and most relaxed muscles in my stomach and solar plexus area!  Thinking about the dream, the Beings did “feel” good, there was nothing threatening about them. The “what ifs” were more my mind’s fear than anything else I feel.

It was interesting for me that the day before the dream I felt quite tense, in my body, especially around the stomach area. Stuff was possibly coming out to be cleared.

No matter what, I express my gratitude for this experience. Paraphrasing Amma the Hugging Saint we should be grateful for every experience we have in our blessed life.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.<3 

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